Melanie Safka – Alexander Beetle chords

Alexander Beetle
D G C Gi had a little beetle, so that beetle was his name
C G D and i called him Alexander and he answered just the same
G D G C Gand i put him in a matchbox and i kept him all the day
C G D Gbut nanny let my beetle out and beetle ran away
D G C Gshe said she didn't mean it and i never said she did
C G Dshe said she wanted matches and she just took off the lid
G C Gshe said i mustn't worry and i really mustn't mind
C G Dthat there's lots and lots of beetles thats she's certain we could find
G C Gsaid if we looked in all the places that a beetle might be near
C G Dand we made the kind of noises that a beetle likes to hear
G D G C Gthen i heard a kind of something and i gave a sort of shout
D Git was a beetle house and Alexander beetle coming out
C Git was Alexander beetle i'm as certain as can be
C G Dand he had that kind of look as though he thought it might be me
G D G C Gand he had that kind of look as though he thought he ought to say
C G D"i'm really very sorry that i tried to run away"
G D G C Gand nanny's very sorry too cause you know what she did
C G D Gand she's writing Alexander very blackly on the lid
D G C Gso nan and me are friends because it's difficult to catch
C G D G D G C Gan excited Alexander you've mistaken for a match
One of the greatest singer/song-writers and the cutest song ever, play this song to your little ones, they'll love it. This is a rhythym version only. But if you can finger-pick like her you should be able to make the most of this. Comments, corrections and rating appreciated. Enjoy!
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