Lover Please tab with lyrics by Melissa Etheridge - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Melissa Etheridge – Lover Please tab

Artist:  Melissa Etheridge
Album:  Skin
Tab done by Melissa Parker

Verses are clean electric or acoustic.
Chorus and solo are distorted, however it sounds good either way.
Just listen to the song first to get a feel for how to play it properly.  :)
It's a simple song, good luck.  

Em, A, Em, A

Em                  A
A shot in the dark, I woke up to find
Em                           A
You had broke all the rules, and you changed your mind
Em                     A
Didnt I love you good, Didnt I love you right
Em                                          A
Then tell me where are you going dressed to kill tonight

F#                   G#   A
This ones gunna hurt like hell


Em                     A
Answer my prayers, and answer the phone
      Em                        A
Think twice about it baby, turn around and come on home
      F#                      A                 Em
Lover stop, lover dont, lover stop, lover lover please.

(Verse 2)

Em                  A
Its the same ol tune...
Em                  A
Its the same ol game...
Em                         A
If there was just one thing
Em                         A
It would be your love thats...
    F#                   G#   A
Oh, this ones gunna hurt like hell..

Guitar solo during vox box break
(Play with distortion if possible)
h= hammer on
b = bend

(Break) Palm your Em through.. They take it.... like i want to... They make it, they break it... (Chorus) Keep playing in same notation as listed above according to section and breaks.
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