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Subject: Mellencamp: Jackie Brown (TAB/CRD)

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From: (Mike O'Neill)
Subject: CRD: Jackie Brown (John Mellencamp)
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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 92 15:13:22 GMT
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I've grabbed a lot of stuff from here without posting anything, so I thought
I'd post something that's on the most.wanted list at ftp.nevada...

Here are the chords to Jackie Brown by John Mellancamp. Also, there is one
recognizable little riff that appears throughout the song, which goes like

e ---------------------------------------------|B ---------------------------------------------|G --------0-----------------------0------------|D ----0-2---2-0---0-2---------0-2---2-0---0----|A --3-----------3-----------3-----------3---3--|E ---------------------------------------------|
C/G is C with G bass added: 3-3-2-0-1-0 (Also, I believe this is capo'd on the 4th fret) JACKIE BROWN - John Mellencamp ------------------------------ C/G Is this your life, Jackie Brown? Poorly educated and forced to live on the Em poor side of town C/G Is this your daughter, Jackie Brown? This pretty little girl in worn out clothes that have Em been hand-me-down C/G Is this your wife, Jackie Brown? Sad blue eyes, walking on eggshells, so you Em don't see her frown F G C/G Is this your family Jackie Brown? F C/G Dream of vacationing in a mountain stream Am G and giving the world more than it gave you F C/G What ugly truths freedom brings Am G and it hasn't been very kind to you F G C/G Is this your family, Jackie Brown? C/G Is this your meal, Jackie Brown? Barely enough, I've seen people throw more Em than this out C/G Is this your home, Jackie Brown? This three room shack, with no running water Em and the bathroom out back C/G Is this your grave, Jackie Brown? This little piece of limestone that says another desperate man Em took himself out F G C/G Is this your dream, Jackie Brown? F C/G Going nowhere, and nowhere fast Am G We shame ourselves to watch people like this live F C/G But who gives a damn about Jackie Brown Am G Just another lazy man who could take what was his F G C/G One hell of a life, Jackie Brown F G C/G Forever more, Jackie Brown F G C/G Well amen-n-amen, Jackie Brown -- Mike O'Neill
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