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Overkill - Men At Work 

Overkill (Men at Work/Colin Hay) "acoustic version"

I)	Dsus2           A/C#      
	I can't get to sleep
	Csus2                G/B                 
	I think about the implications
	Dsus2             A/C#      
	Of diving in too deep
	Csus2              G/B                  
	And possibly the complications
	Dsus2          A/C#      
	Especially at night
	Csus2          G/B
	I worry over situations
	Dsus2              A/C#      
	I know will be alright
	Csus2               G/B
	Perhaps it's just imagination

II)	Bm                         A   Asus4   A
	Day after day it reappears
	Bm                                         Asus4(2)  A(2)
	Night after night my heartbeat, shows the fear
	F#sus4   F#            G      A    Asus4    A 
	Ghosts appear and fade away
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