Men Without Hats – The End Of The World chords

A Em (x4)

A Em A EmMatadors monkeys, a million balloons
G D A EmAs we walk through the sea to the sand
A Em A EmKnowing full well that we're perfectly tuned
G D A EmAs we skip through our hearts hand in hand
D GWill Jenny be older
Em AWill music be heard
D G Cadd9 A EmWill we all meet again at the end of the world
A Em
A EmNo sense in fooling
A EmWe're covered in dreams
G D A EmHaving too much fun flying to land
A Em A EmFloating waist high in ten colors of green
G D A EmWe're so small but we feel oh so grand
Em AEnd of the world
Instrumental: Em A etc. CHORUS:
Em AEnd of the world (Repeat to fade)
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