Menomena - Dirty Cartoons chords

Really nice song, nice melody... I could just play and sing it the whole day - you 
should do that also : )

(Note that the D is probably just a D5, but it is a D if it comes down to melody : ) )---------
D A C#m E G go home, I'd like to
D A C#m E G Dstumble to bed and lay besi - de you
A C#m E G D until we're even or romantically bored,
A C#m E G D whichever comes first
go home, I'm trying but I've been misled by dirty cartoons you'll keep me honest for old time's sake I'm begging of you, go home, go home (the chorus is the same chords, so just A C#m E G->D it's really easy : ) ) (I'd like to) go home I've mined the graveyard of unpublished poems you should be so lucky** considers the meaning and shrug it right off you'll only encourage me (I'd like to) go home (For this last part the chords are D A E F# ) I like to go home ------------- Have Fun and enjoy the rest of the record, probably I will also get the chords for Tithe here, too! ** in this part the Bass plays quite a nice different thing like this:
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