Merchant Band - Come And Let Your Presence chords

Verse 1:
DCome and let Your presence
Fill our praise, fill our praise Come and let Your presence fill this place. Chorus:
G Bm A For You are the One we want to meet
G Bm A Jesus shine through all the praises that we sing
Verse 2:
DWe have come to give You
Highest praise, highest praise We have come to love You in this place Bridge:
G BmIt's all for You
AHere we are, here we are
[There is an ending that is "Praise, praise the Fater praise the Son. And praise the Spirit 3 in 1. Oh, praise Him, oh praise Him, Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah" but I'm not sure what the chords are. Any suggestions would be great!
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