Mewithoutyou – August 6th chords

Bm DAug. 6th, carved in desks with old knives:
A“Back when our common cause was alive
BmAnd--let’s say--the hyacinth fields were in bloom
DChildren watched as the soldiers marched by
AAll the birds fell like frogs from the sky
BmProstrate in the streets every crescent moon
DLonesome offspring of which still resound
AWith the victimless sins of their authors passed down
BmAnd the remnants of loathsome, disjointed worlds
DAlong the short path round the lily pad pond
AWith off-white deerskin wedding dress on
BmGerman songs, homemade bonnets like old-order, amish girls jilted by squirrels
DIn the parks of Sioux Falls haunted by church bells
ALike ghosts of applause and the earth deep down tire-stacked walls like
Bm D ANew Mexico, peaceful as moth-bitten pincushion dolls making up myths about wounds without cause...”
BmAnd sometimes when it’s quiet my heart feels like Guernica
D[scenes from old air raid] on screens in blue dusk
APerfumed neighborhoods/graveyards the breath feels like flies in my lungs, voice like ambulance
BmSirens whose light floods the ground
D(“praying mantis spreads arms” said the lines of whose palm?)
ASkyline shifting like clouds became “airplane descends”
Bm[fade to scenes on the ground] human foreheads all smashed
DForeign cars upside down, insect mouths open wide
AI stared down a huge insect, bright red-glowing eyes
Bm[does it feel wrong to say a thought “metastasized”?], legs on both highway sides
[Break] F#m A G (Said insect was mechanized!) F#m A G Em F#m A G (Said insect was mechanized!)
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