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Mgmt – Of Moons Birds And Monsters tab

Artist: MGMT
Song: Of Moons, Birds and Monsters (Goldwasser, VanWyngarden)
Album: Oracular Spectacular

Tabbed by Angel
Greetings from Mexico!

Live Intro:

  C#m/A              B

B Verse C#m E G# Why'd you cut holes in the face of the moon base? B C#m Don't you know about the temperature change E G# In the cold black shadow? B A Are you mad at your walls B C#m E G# Or hoping that an unknown force can repair things for you? B C#m E G# Pardon all the time that you've thrown into your pale grey garden? B A B A If the ship will never come you've got to move along A Chorus C#m E G# B C#m Even a bird would want a taste of dirt from abyssal dark C#m E G# A The prick of a feather could make a kingdom burn and the bloodshed start B C#m The falling apart C#m E G# Made me a shadow in the shape of wonder B C#m The waves of black C#m E G# B A If she's going under I can hold my breath till the sky comes back B A B Or drown like a rat, rat, rat A B He's a rat! Solo G# To catch a monster A We make a movie A# Set the tempo B(with fill) And cut and cut its brains out A - G# C#m F# A It will inspire on the burning pyre G# Half the distance A Half the motion A# Communication B(with fill) A - F#m - G# It's easy as the ocean End A F#m G#
It´s very easy,you just have to figure out the strumming pattern I will post the solo later Enjoy!
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