Mgmt – Congratulations chords

I know it's not even out yet, but this song is amazing
so I had to tab it.  Good job to whoever figured out 
these lyrics.

These are the chords I refer to in the tab:

G F#/G Em D C B/C Am G7 C7e|--3----2-----0---------0----0----0-----1------0----------------------------|B|--0----0-----0----3----1----1----1-----0------1----------------------------|G|--0----0-----0----2----0----0----2-----0------3----------------------------|D|--0----0-----2----0----2---------2-----0------2----------------------------|A|--2----------2---------3----2----0-----2------3----------------------------|E|--3----2-----0-------------------------3-----------------------------------|
The verse is just a simple chord progression: *Note: The chords are pretty much above the exact syllables of each lyric. Verse 1:
G F#/G Em D Dead in the water
C B/C AmIt's not a paid vacation
G F#/G Em D C The sons and daughters of city officials
B/C AmAttend demonstrations
G F#/G Em D It's hardly a sink or swim
C B/C AmWhen all is well if the ticket sells
Break 1: G F#/G Em D C B/C Am Am Verse 2:
G F#/G Em D Out with a wimper
C B/C AmIt's not a blaze of glory
G F#/G Em You look down from your temple
D C B/C AmAs people endeavor to make it a story
G F#/G Em D And chisel a marble word
C B/C AmBut all is lost if it's never heard
Break 2: G C7 G G7 Chorus:
CBut I've got someone to make reports
DThat tell me how my money's spent
CTo book my stays and draw my blinds
DSo I can't see what's really there
DAnd all I need's a great big congratulations
G F#/G Em D C B/C Am Am Just repeat for the rest of the song: Verse 3: I'll keep your dreams You pay attention for me As strange as it seems I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me The ground may be moving fast But I tied my boots to a broken mast Break 1 Verse 4: The difference is clear You throw it in your cauldron Rust and veneer, dusk and dawn Steinways and Baldwins You start with a simple stock of all the waste And salt to taste Break 2 Chorus 2: But damn my luck and damn these friends That keep on combing back their smiles I save my grace with half-assed guilt And lay down the quilt upon the lawn Spread my arms and soak up congratulations Word.
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