Mgmt – Congratulations chords ver. 2

Another compilation for convenience's sake. Enjoy!

MGMT- Congratulations (2010)

1. It's Working

F#m G D C#m Bm B Em Em5 E A#m G#me|---2----3----------4------2----7-----0-----7----0-----6------4------------|B|---2----3----7-----5------3----7-----0-----8----0-----6------4------------|G|---2----4----7-----6------4----8-----0-----9----1-----6------4------------|D|---4----5----7-----6------4----9-----2-----9----2-----8------6------------|A|---4----5----5-----4------2----9-----2-----7----2-----8------6------------|E|---2----3----------------------7-----0-----0----0-----6------4------------|
Play 4 times...e|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------3--------------------------------------|G|---------------------0---2--------------------------------------|D|-----------0--2--3-------0--------------------------------------|A|--0--2--3-------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
F#m GHere, you focus
D C#m Bm G so I can see your faces
F#m Bthe eyes are wrong
Riff 2:
e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---2---0------------------------------------------------------------------|D|------------4--4----2---4---4---------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------2-----------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| "How will I know if it's working..."
A right?
F#m Glight confuses
D C#m Bm G the tiny isles of bruises
F#m Bthe mangled lines
(Riff 2) I see the signs of aging
D DBut if I try to feel at all
Em EmI am deceived my mind's affected
Dit's empty now
Das I lay down
EmI feel alright
Emmy heart is racing
F#m GTurn the noise on
D C#m Bm G I'd like to feed my poison
F#m Bassembly lines
(Riff 2) carry a velvet warning
F#m Gto the yard
D C#m Bm G it's just like striking matches
F#m Bthe polish lies
But it's working in your blood
B A#m G#m E(Working in your blood)
Which you know is not the same as love
Em F#m(Same as love)
G (D)Love is only in your mind
D C#m Bm G(Working in your mind)
AAnd not your heart
F#m GNow, it's working
Bridge: Em5 Em D G F#m A But it's working in your blood
B A#m G#m E(Working in your blood)
Which you know is not the same as love
Em F#m(Same as love)
G (D)Love is only in your mind
D C#m Bm G(Working in your mind)
AAnd not your heart
2. Song for DAN TREACY
D Bm G Gm/BbHe spends his time, or maybe half of his time, or part of the time wandering
D/A Bm Em'round the creeks and cobble stones of hackney lanes
D Bm G Gm/Bbwith a tear in his eye, as the children walk by, he's thinking of a song
D/A Bm Em F#m Fmthen stops, to paint a picture of a frown, walking around
Em Cm Gm F#m Fm x2 And the fast guitar that's right after that part goes like this:
e|-------------------------|B|-5--5--4--4--3--3--2--2--|G|-------------------------|D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------| x2
D Bm G Gm/Bb Dan Treacy's smile, leaves you trying to decide who's the victim, what's the crime?
D/A Bm Emno rest for the mind, that's seen it all before
D Bm G Gm/Bband I don't know where he lives, but he's a myth of a man, and Texas Bob the cameraman
D/A Bm Em F#m Fm is off to fix his sit before the show, yeah but where did he go?
Em Cm Gm F#m Fm x2
C#m A to know when your time's up
B E G#m Bmyou flip the glass and watch the hours quickening
A Amoh oh oh oh oh
C#m A in the back of the station
B E G#m Bmfluorescent lights about to quit their flickering
A F# well he speaks his mind, he says "what is crime?"
F#m F#m6Dan Treacy's eyes
D Bm G In the middle of the park, when the underground is dark
Gm/Bbhe's a poet he's a lark
D Bm Emhe starts thinking about a place that no one knows
D Bm Gand when the creeks run dry, he stays frozen in time
Gm/Bbstrange lights in the sky
D/A Bm Emstart blinking, I can see the car outside but he's listening
G#m Bmoh oh oh oh, he's listening, oh oh oh, he's listening, ah ah ah
A Amwhen he's making up his mind
C#m A B E G#m Bm A AmHe made his mind up, to get things done and overcome
C#m A B E G#m Bm A AmHe made his mind up, yeah he's gonna let it go
C#m A B E G#m Bm A Amhe made his mind up, in the park and at the station
C#m A B E G#m Bm A Amhe made his mind up, yeah, he's gonna get it done
C#m A B E G#m Bm A Amhe made his mind up, ooh yeah he's gonna get it done
C#m A B E G#m Bm he made his mind up
A Byeah, he's gonna let it go, uh oh
C#m Bno matter the time, oh oh
C#m Bwhen the creeps run by, oh no
C#m Bhe's making his mind up, oh oh oh oh
F#m Byeah he's gonna get it done whoa
F#m Boh yeah, when the creeks run dry whoa oh
F#m Byeah, he's gonna listen to his soul,
F#m F#m yeah, when the creeps walk by and say, "come here boy, look me in the eye"
F#m6 Ebow to the heart, back to the beat of Dan Treacy
3. Someone's Missing
E C#m A B Someone's telling the toll to me
G# F#m Am I'm cut and I'm weeping like a rubber tree
E C#m A B but i don't care who's left behind
G# F#m Am lost revelations that I'll never find
C#m F#m G#7in the long hall pipes are whispering
G#7 G#7blues prepared for anti-christening
E C#m A B somewhere there's an honest soul
G# F#m Am to mirror teeth where neon lures troll
E C#m A B and what's extinct might come alive
G# F#m Am a purple smoke in some internal shrine
C#m F#m G#7with a long sigh let the hissing in
C#m F#m G#7stones deformed by gentle kissing and
G#7 all the closed eyes start to glisten
G# but it feels like someone's missing
G# yeah it feels like someone's missing
B yeah it feels like someone's missing
B yeah it feels like someone's missing
E C#m A F#mit feels like someone's missing
4. Flash Delirium Dm
FMild apprehension
Dm A/EBlank dreams of the coming fun
F Distort the odds of a turnaround
Dm AGut screams out next to none
BSo turn it on
ETune it in
AAnd stay inert
FYou say "I've got the backbone"
Dm AThe back way to escape the gun
F Climbing a tree with a missing limb
Dm AAnd not saving anyone
BAnd now it hurts
ETo stay at home and see
The mirror ball's throwing mold
DmYou can't get a grip if there's nothing to hold
BSee the flash catch a white lily laugh and wilt
ESo if you must smash a glass first fill it to the hilt
As far as I know are still,
C A Still bending toward the light
FAnd if we dance
Until the heart explodes
Dm AIt'll make this place ignite
F G And even if this hall collapses
C Am F I can stand by my pillar of hope it's just
Dm AA case of Flash Delirium
FHere's a growing culture
Deep inside a corpse
DmAges stuck together
ATaking it to the source
FTimeless desperation
CPictures on a screen scream
Dm A "hey people, what does it mean?"
F FmComfort keeps us nice
C ASo quick to donate everything
B EDie wolken drifting blinding smiles circling
F Fm CAnd time's tingling spines
A BAttaching hands to floor
E The rosy-tinted
The hot dog's getting cold
DmAnd you'll never be as good as the Rolling Stones
BWatch the birds in the airport gathering dirt
ECrowd the clean magazine chick lifting up her skirt
F(hold) Why close one eye and try to
C Am Pledge allegiance to the sun
F Dm A When plastic ghosts start terrorizing everyone
F G Geometric troops aligning
C C/B Am Carried up to the burial mounds
F My earthbound heart is heavy
C Am Your heartbeat keeps things light
F Dm A With the violence forever threatening the night
F GAnd even if this hall collapses
C Am B I can stand by my pillar of hope and trust
EThat our heads won't bust
F G#Six six, five five red battleships
C/GForty earthlike planets
AThree holes two tits
B/F#One fork in it's side
EZero tears in their eyes
(double time)
FSue the spiders
Sink the Welsh
G#Stab your facebook
Sell sell sell
AMass adulation not so funny
B/F#Poisoned honey
Pseudo science
ESilly money
AYou're my honey
5. I Found A Whistle
C Am F AmHey I found a whistle that hangs like a charm
C Am F G And when my noose is tied I could blow it and fall down into your
Em D Em B7Arms. fifteen centuries of dissolution and grief
C G Fto return a yellow trickster and a thief
(Repeat for all verses) Ending
C G F CThis time I found a whistle that works every time
C G F E7Yeah I found a whistle that works, hangs like a charm
C G F CI found a whistle that works every time
C G F E7Yeah I found a whistle that works, closes my eye every-
F G Ctime. A whistle, I forgot it, I forgot it this time
6. Siberian Breaks Am C Am C Bbm Cm Bbm Cm A
Am C Sleep as the goer
Am C the bridge that watches the light speed through
Bbm Cm And cries while the spirit stumbles
Bbm Cm Amaj7 and inside missile for the protection of you
Am C Maybe it's silent
Am C the voice can't bear anymore strain
Bbm Cm but speaks without even knowing
Bbm Cm Amaj7 and streams out of sight in the direction of truth
Amaj7 Em Amaj7 Em Transition:
-----5-----5------| ---5-----5-----10-| -6-----7-----9----| ------------------| ------------------| ------------------|
Gm C Dm There's no reason there's no secret to decode
Gm C Dm G if you can't save it, leave it dying on the road
Gm C Dm C wide open arms can feel so cold, so cold
Feel so cold Em Gb D Dbm Bm E
A Balance the books, the ledges, the loons
Gbm the disappointed look on the faces
E that squint at the moon
Dbm Bm I've seen it with shadows enhanced
Dbm D and then vote to decide who'll advance
A Silver jet plane, making a turn
Gbm E exciting the brain that expects it to crash and then burn
Dbm Bm it's not the life lesson I'd've guessed
Dbm D if you're conscious you must be depressed
A Dbm or at least cynical
Em But someone might still eat the steaks
Gb even if they're tough
D Spending the day
Dbm chewing the fat
Bm E A floating away isn't rough but it's not enough
A Oh Marianne, pass me the joint
the sandpaper's tan
Gbm E go-getters are surfing the point
Dbm Bm and London's a scratch on the lens
Dbm D it's over before it begins
A Silk 'round her neck falls down to her shoulders
Gbm E the older I get, the more I suspect there's a trick
Dbm Bm but really there's no trick at all
Dbm D that doesn't result in a fall
A Dbm or a faltering
Em But something might spit out the bait
Gb even if it's real
D Rolling away
Dbm missing the spoke
Bm E A Dbm close to the ground like a wheel but it's not joke
D Holding the line
Dbm clutching the phone
Bm E A nobly wasting the night, but it isn't right
Gb it's not right
D Smelling for blood
Dbm praying for rain
Bm E A running away isn't rough, but it's not enough
Eb Gm Cm Fm Cm The low tide is telling me that it's over,
Bb Dm Gm to breathe in everything exposed
Eb Gm Cm Fm Cm and comes back to cover me with a breaker
Bb Dm Gm being here's always changing too
Cm Bb F Eb Dm G Am G Em Dm Bdim. Am G Em A Dm Bdim. Am G Em A Dm Bdim. Am G Em A Dm Bdim. Am G Em A
Dm Bdim. Am G Em A The empty sky surrounds me but I can't see at all
Dm Bdim. Am G Em A wide open arms can feel so cold
Dm Bdim. Am G Em A and you can sit beside me and tell me what it's worth
Dm Bdim. Am G Em A but I hope I die before I get sold
Dm Bdim. Am G Em A I hope I die before I get sold
Dm Bdim. Am G Em A I'd rather die before I get sold
Dm C Bdim. If you find the soul that you lost
E Am frozen in a starry void
Dm C G Take it within and hope the sight of blood
C can will signs of life to return
Dm C Bdim. Back to the way that it was
E Am long before it made a noise
Dm C G To keep on quietly reminding you
Cmaj7 what's never created or destroyed
Fmaj7 x8, Cmaj7 x8, Fmaj7 x8
Am C Wake as the swell peaks
Am C the close-outs drowning the birds with roars
Bbm Cm and howls scare the new unkindness
Bbm Cm Amaj7 that picks and laughs at the carrion scene
Am C Forces you see breathe
Am C can always go into hiding
Bbm Cm and wait 'til it passes over
Bbm Cm or stay far gone for all eternity
A x8, Abm x8 7. Brian Eno
DmSo tired
BbmSoul searching
AmI followed the sounds to a cathedral
Dm Bbm Am Imagine my surprise to find that they were produded by Brian Eno
DmPast the gates
BbmQuite stark
Am Asus2The roses trimmed and the windows dark
Dm BbmI see the walls through a limestone crack
Am Asus2Not red, not blue, not yellow, but black
Gm Am (barre)And all the space left for you
GmIf the sky was synthesized you'd probably know
Dm BbmHe taught me many things
Am Asus2The wisdom of o' bleak stratagems
Dm BbmThe prophet of a sapphire soul
Am Asus2Presented through creative freedoms
Gm Am (barre)And everything I say is true
Gm'Cause if i was telling lies it'd probably show
D BmI can tell that he's kind of smiling
GBut what does he know?
D BmWe're always one step behind him
GHe's Brian Eno (Brian Eno)
ABrian Eno! (Brian Eno!)
Dm BbmWhen I was stuck he'd make me memorize elaborate curses
Am Asus2Tinctures and formulas
Dm BbmTo ditch the choir and flip the verses
Gm Am (barre)My whole foundation came unglued
GmWhen I tried to humanize by ambient light
Chorus: Dipping swords in metaphors yeah But what does he know? He's go the whole world behind him He's Brian Eno (Brian Eno) Brian Eno! (Brian Eno!) Breakdown:
Dm Bbm AmHe promised pretty worlds and all the silence I could dream of
Dm BbmBrian Peter George St. John
Le Baptiste de la Salle Eno
D Bm GWell all alone by the oldest stone where the shade trees grow
(What does he know?)
D Bm GThe creature by the water feature with a ghostly glow
(Brian Eno!)
D BmYeah, he's making sure that time's preserved well
GWe reap what we sow
(What does he know?)
D BmWe're always one step behind him
GHe's Brian Eno! (Brian Eno!)
D BmYeah, I can tell that he's doing well yeah
GWhat does he know? (What does he know?!)
D BmI'm always one step behind him
GHe's Brian Eno! (Brian Eno!)
8. Lady DaDa's Nightmare Who knows? Make whoosing noises for four minutes I guess.
9. Congratulations G F#/G Em D C B/C Am G7 C7e|--3----2-----0---------0----0----0-----1------0----------------------------|B|--0----0-----0----3----1----1----1-----0------1----------------------------|G|--0----0-----0----2----0----0----2-----0------3----------------------------|D|--0----0-----2----0----2---------2-----0------2----------------------------|A|--2----------2---------3----2----0-----2------3----------------------------|E|--3----2-----0-------------------------3-----------------------------------|
The verse is just a simple chord progression: *Note: The chords are pretty much above the exact syllables of each lyric. Verse 1:
G F#/G Em D Dead in the water
C B/C AmIt's not a paid vacation
G F#/G Em D C The sons and daughters of city officials
B/C AmAttend demonstrations
G F#/G Em D It's hardly a sink or swim
C B/C AmWhen all is well if the ticket sells
Break 1: G F#/G Em D C B/C Am Am Verse 2:
G F#/G Em D Out with a wimper
C B/C AmIt's not a blaze of glory
G F#/G Em You look down from your temple
D C B/C AmAs people endeavor to make it a story
G F#/G Em D And chisel a marble word
C B/C AmBut all is lost if it's never heard
Break 2: G C7 G G7 Chorus:
CBut I've got someone to make reports
DThat tell me how my money's spent
CTo book my stays and draw my blinds
DSo I can't see what's really there
DAnd all I need's a great big congratulations
G F#/G Em D C B/C Am Am Just repeat for the rest of the song: Verse 3: I'll keep your dreams You pay attention for me As strange as it seems I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me The ground may be moving fast But I tied my boots to a broken mast Break 1 Verse 4: The difference is clear You throw it in your cauldron Rust and veneer, dusk and dawn Steinways and Baldwins You start with a simple stock of all the waste And salt to taste Break 2 Chorus 2: But damn my luck and damn these friends That keep on combing back their smiles I save my grace with half-assed guilt And lay down the quilt upon the lawn Spread my arms and soak up congratulations
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