Mic Christopher – Bones chords

Tabbed by Brandinian. Email bpfeltz@gmail.com for any questions.

Hey guys, so I know this doesn't sound exactly like the recorded Mary Janes song, but
Mic died so early, not many people have been exposed to his music and therefore there is a
lack of tabs on the internet. I've put this together as an easy way to play a great 
Play all of the C chords with

Song: Bones
Artist: The Mary Janes
Album: Sham
Capo: 2nd
Tuning: Standard

G Cadd9 (hammer the 2nd fret on the 4th string)

G Cadd9Did you see it
G Cadd9Did you see it all
G Cadd9Did you know a witness
G Cadd9Or just the law
Em7And did you miss me
G Cadd9Did I even leave a trace
Did you find it easy To get along Did you have to struggle Or just use your charm 'Cause I know that you missed me It's written all over you face
Em7Just to understand it
Cadd9Well you know it's too hard
Em7 Cadd9Just to see it but it's too dark
G Cadd9And I'm talkin' 'bout
Bones and pieces in my brain The kind of things that make You feel insane Oh you know Boring pieces of the day Working life away I'd like to do it once again
G Cadd9Did you see it
Did you like the call Was it in your favour 'Cause after all
Em7I know that you missed me
G Cadd9It's written all over your face
Em7I'd like to do it once again
Cadd9But you know, But you know
Em7 Cadd9That I won't
Em7 Cadd9'cause I gave it my all, my all
Cadd9 DBut it just doesn't suit me to be
DAnymore that
G Cadd9Bones and Pieces in this game
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