Mic Christopher – Hey Day chords


Chords used:

G             3 2 0 0 3 3

Cadd9      0 3 2 0 3 3

Em7        0 2 2 0 3 3

A7sus4    0 0 2 0 3 3


G Cadd9For the sun, for the light
Em7 A7sus4For the ride and for the masters
G Cadd9Oh we come to be kind
Em7 A7sus4To be warm here and after
G Cadd9We've been out, but we're back
Em7 A7sus4Because we're graced in these matters
G Cadd9 Em7 A7sus4And we'll rise.
G Cadd9And we did a little love, but a sound
Em7 A7sus4A sound will get a little messed up
G Cadd9Make a little call to the right
Em7 A7sus4to the ball and to the mast-top
And we- (Pre-chorus)
A7sus4-We fool around now and again, we're looking good
G A7sus4But just as friends.
G Cadd9 Em7 A7sus4And this is our heyday baby
G Cadd9 Em7 A7sus4And we're not gonna be afraid to shout
G Cadd9 Em7 A7sus4'Cause we can make our heyday last forever
G Cadd9 Em7 A7sus4And ain't that what it's all about, oh living, in our own terrible way
Cadd9 Em7 A7sus4 (Verse 2) And we lack a little love, but a sign A sign can get a little messed up Picking up the rules, for the chimes Making up minds and making it last us Because we live alone, and now we're grown And we know what we're after And we'll rise (Pre-chorus) We fool around ... (Chorus) And this is our heyday ... (Repeat Pre-chorus, Chorus)
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