Michael Buble – Dream A Little Dream chords

Hey, this is my first tab, so take it easy on the critique :D But I would appreciate 
feedback very very much, as long as it's constructive and of course positive.

*NOTE* In this version of the song by Michael Buble, he changes key at the chorus, but I 
include that key change. Sorry if this is of inconvenience of you.
Also, you might want to learn how to bar before you attempt this song.

C: 032010
D: 000232
D7: 000212
E: 022100
F: 133211
Gm: 355333
G#m: 466444
Am: 002210, or 577555
Bbm: 688666

Intro: Am G#m Gm Gm, Am G#m Gm C

F Am Gm CStars shining bright above you
F Am D D7Night breezes seem to whisper I love you
Gm BbmBirds singing in the sycamore tree
Am G#m Gm CDream a little dream of me
F Am Gm CSing nighty night and kiss me
F Am D D7Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me
Gm BbmWhile I'm alone and blue as can be
Am G#m Gm F Bb CDream a little dream of me
F Am Gm CStars fading but I linger on dear
F Am Gm CStill craving your kiss
F Am Gm CI'm longing to linger till dawn dear
F Am EJust saying this
F Am Gm CSweet dreams till sunbeams find you
F Am D D7Sweet dreams that leave our worries behind you
Gm BbmBut in your dreams, whatever they be
Am G#m Gm FDream a little dream of me
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