Michael Cooney - Weeping Willow tab

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Main themesA BE|-----------|-----------------|B|-----------|---11--7---11--7-|G|-8---------|-8---8---8---8---|D|-8--8-9-6--|-----------------|A|-6--8-9-6--|-----------------|D|----8-9-6--|-----------------|
Guitar verseE|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|-8-------------------|D|-6--8-9-6--6bup(8)-4-|A|-6--8-9-6------------|D|----8-9-6------------|
(0:40) F# c# D# BE|-------------|B|-------------|G|-11--6--8--4-|D|-11--6--8--4-|A|-9---4--6--2-|D|-------------|
F# C# Summer was painted on our skin D# and those secrets hidden in our childish lips B they would die for a kiss
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