Sweet Lucy chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Michael Hurley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Michael Hurley – Sweet Lucy chords ver. 2

Was sad to see no songs tabbed out for Michael Hurley. This is one of my favorites 
so I decided to learn it myself. 
This is the version on the Michael Hurley/Holy Modal Rounders/Jeffrey Frederick & 
The Clamtones album, "Have Moicy!"




A DWhen we left, it was cold
A DEach other's hands we had to hold
A DWe was drunk in Tennessee
A DShe got drunk, as drunk as me
F#m Bm EShe run up the hill, she cried and cried
G D E AI run down the other side
G AOh, sweet Lucy
G AOh, sweet Lucy
G A DOh, sweet Lucy, let me go
The rest of the song follows the same pattern. Enjoy :) http://www.snockonews.net/
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