Michael Jackson – Scream tab

song:   Scream
artist: Michael Jackson
album:  HIStory

Riff A

Riff B
----------------------|----------------------|----------------------| x3-----7-----------7----|--9--5--9--9--9--5----|--7-----7--7--7-------|
------------|------------|------------|---7b-------| *gradually bend the 7------------| a 1/2 step then bend it to 1 step then to 1 1/2------------|
------------------------------------------| *both bends are 1 step.----------7--7b---------------------------| don't release bends though--9--7----------9-----9-7---7b------------| gradually lower them to-------9------------------9-----7p9-------| the natural note.------------------------------------------| (which in this case would be 7)------------------------------------------|
*Riff A ( "i can't take it much longer. i think i might go insane" -> Riff A ) *Riff B ( "oh my God can't believe...i was disgusted by all the injustice"--echo michael the injustice" -> riff b ) *solo is immediately played after that gradual 7 bend. -- this solo is not 100% correct...i tabbed it out by ear but its the closest thing i can come up with. oh btw to make this solo sound right you need a heavy distortion stomp box of some sort. i used the the Tascam cd-GT1 for this particular song. If you have any questions or comments email me at guitar-girl@att.net Hope you enjoy! - Alicia Perkins
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