Michael Leyde – Let God Arise chords

Artist: Michael Leyde
Album: Your Kingdom Come
Song: Let God Arise

Verse 1:
C#mI am a holy nation
A BI am a priestly king
C#mA chosen generation
A BTo bring my offering
C#mI'm calling out for mercy
A B I'm crying out for grace
C#mOh God come heal the nations
A BAnd come change everything
C#mLet God Arise
A BLet God Arise
C#mLet God Arise
A BLet God Arise
Verse 2:
C#mI am a new creation
A BA warrior clean and free
C#mMy words and declarations
A BShape worlds and destinies
C#mYou cannot silence this life
A BHis fire burns in me
C#mI rise on wings of worship
A BTo heights and worlds unseen
A B As we build a throne in worship
E B/D# A All darkness flees
B A fire goes before
E B/D# A And destroys our enemies
B You fight so valiantly
E B/D# A As our praises ring
G# You are the King!
This is a great worship song. Here is a link to the actual song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2f9Lomn6Ag
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