Michael Martin Murphey – Wildfire tab

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* performed by Michael Martin Murphey on the "Blue Sky, Night Thunder
  album" (not using his middle name at the time)
* lyrics typed by Joe Chew 
* music transcribed by Greg Vaughn 

Intro Lick:

E Emaj7 F#m repeat|--12-12-------------11-11-------------9--9----------------||----9--9--------------9--9-------------10-10--------------||---------9-(let ring)------9-(let ring)------11-(let ring)||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------|
E Emaj7 F#m She comes down from Yellow Mountain E Emaj7 F#m On a dark, flat land she rides Amaj7 G#m On a pony she named Wildfire Amaj7 G#m Whirlwind by her side F#m G#m (intro lick) On a cold Nebraska night. Oh, they say she died one winter When there came an early frost And the pony she named Wildfire Busted down its stall, In a blizzard she was lost. Amaj7 G#m She ran calling Wild---fire, Amaj7 G#m Calling Wild---fire, Amaj7 G#m F#m B Amaj7 (intro lick) Calling Wi----i----ld----fi----i----re. E Emaj7 F#m By the dark of the moon I planted E Emaj7 F#m But there came an early snow. Amaj7 G#m Been a hoot owl howlin' outside my window now, Amaj7 G#m For six nights in a row. F#m G#m She's comin' for me, I know F#m G#m And on Wildfire we're both gonna go. We'll be ridin' Wildfire, Ridin' Wildfire, We'll be ridin' Wildfire On Wildfire we're gonna ride, Gonna leave sodbustin' behind. Get these hard times right on out of our minds, Ridin' Wildfire. Here's how I play the chords. Your mileage may vary. E Emaj7 F#m Amaj7 G#m B x||||| x||||| |||||| x||||| |||||| x||||| 4|||ooo 4|||ooo oooooo |||||o 4oooooo |ooooo ||||o| |||||| |||||| 5||||o| |||||| |||||| ||o||| ||o||| |oo||| ||oo|| |oo||| ||ooo| |o|||| |o|||| |||||| |||||| |||||| |||||| 43121 43111 134111 3421 134111 13331 Fingers
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