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Michael Nesmith – Joanne chords

Joanne:Michael Nesmith (Formerly of The Monkees.)
This was a great song that made the Top 40 in 1970.

#1.  (Original key)
G C Am7 G F GHer name was Joanne and she lived in the meadow
G7 C Am7 F Gby a pond.
C Am7 G FAnd she touched me for a moment with a look that
G G7 C Am7 F Gspoke to me of her sweet love.
Dm Dm7 G G7 C Am7Then the woman that she was drove her on with desperation,
G Dm Dm7 G G7 C Am7And I saw, as she went, a most hopeless situation,
G F Fm7 G G7for Joanne and the man, and the times that made
Cthem both run.
G G7 C Am7 F Dm7 GShe was only a girl..I know that well, but still
G7 C Am7 F GI could not see.....
Am7 C Am7 G F That the hold that she had was much stronger than
Dm7 G C Am7 F Gthe love she felt for me.
Dm Dm7 G7 C Am7But with her, and my little bit of wisdom,
G Dm Dm7 G G7 C Am7broke down her desires like a light through a prism,
G F Fm7 G G7into yellows and blues and a tune that I could
Cnot have sung.
Am Am7 Dm Dm7Though the essence is gone, I have no tears to
Gcry for her.
F F7 GAnd my only thoughts of her are kind.
G F Fm7 G G7For Joanne and the man and the times that made
Cthem both run.(x2)(Fade)
A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.
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