You Are Holy Prince Of Peace chords with lyrics by Michael W Smith - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Michael W Smith – You Are Holy Prince Of Peace chords

Intro: G C Am G C DVerse:
GYou are holy (You are holy)
CYou are mighty (You are mighty)
AmYou are worthy (You are worthy)
DWorthy of praise (Worthy of praise)
GI will follow (I will follow)
CI will listen (I will listen)
AmI will love You (I will love you)
D D G G D D G GAll of my days (All of my days)
Chorus: (GUYS) (GIRLS)
CI will sing to (You are Lord of Lords)
DAnd worship (You are King of Kings)
EmThe King who (You are mighty God)
BmIs worthy (Lord of everything)
CI will love and (You're Emmanuel)
DAdore Him (You're the Great I am)
EmAnd I will bow down (You're my Prince of peace)
Bmbefore Him (Who is the Lamb)
CI will sing to (You're my living God)
DAnd worship (You're my saving grace)
EmThe King who (You will reign forever)
BmIs worthy (You are ancient of days)
CI will love and (You are alpha, omega)
DAdore Him (beginning and end)
EmAnd I will bow down (You're my Savior, Messiah)
BmBefore Him (Redeemer and friend)
CYou’re my Prince of Peace
D GAnd I will live my life for You.
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