Michael W Smith – You Are Holy Prince Of Peace chords ver. 2

You Are Holy
E AYou are holy (echo), You are mighty (echo),
F#m BYou are worthy (echo), worthy of praise (worthy of praise)
E AI will follow (echo), I will listen (echo),
F#m B EI will love you (echo), all of my days
AI will sing to He is Lord of Lords
BAnd worship He is King of Kings
C#mThe King who He is Mighty God
G#mIs worthy Lord of everything
AI will love and He’s Emmanuel
BAdore Him He’s the Great I Am
C#mI will bow down He’s my Prince of Peace
G#mBefore Him Who is the Lamb
AI will sing to He’s my Living God
BAnd worship He’s my Saving Grace
C#mThe King who He will reign forever
G#mIs worthy He is Ancient of Days
AI will love and He is the Alpha, Omega
BAdore Him Beginning and End
C#mI will bow down He’s my Savior, Messiah
F#Before Him Redeemer and Friend
A B EHe’s my Prince of Peace, and I will live my life for Him
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