Michale Graves – Numb tab

			     NUMB - Sia
Tabbed by: andersg

Lovely little tune by Sia Furler. These are just the basic chords for the song, I
be bothered to tab out the fingerpicking pattern. The different versions of the chords 
personal preference, for example I don't know that the G minor in the chorus necessarily 
to be played in a A minor shape at the tenth fret, it's just the way I find it to
most comfortable.
I hope you have fun and find this useful, don't hesitate to comment.


G Bb Ce|-3--1--3-|B|-3--3--5-|G|-4--3--5-|D|-5--3--5-|A|-5--1--3-|E|-3--x--x-|
D# Bb Gm Ce|-6--6--10-8--|B|-8--6--11-8--|G|-8--7--12-9--|D|-8--8--12-10-|A|-6--8--10-10-|E|-x--6--x--8--|
G Bb C I saw you cry today G Bb C The pain may fill you G Bb C I saw you shy away G Bb C The pain will not kill you G Bb C You made me smile today G Bb C You spoke with many voices G Bb C We travelled miles today G Bb C Shared expressions voiceless D# Bb It has to end D# Living in your head Gm C Without anything to numb you Bb D# Living on the edge Gm C Without anything to numb you D# It has to end to begin That's about it! There are more verses and whatnot, but you get the drift..
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