Michale Graves – Blackbird chords

Tuning: Standard

Chords: A Em D C# B F# C E-x -x -x -x -x -x -x -x-x -x -x -x -x -x -x -x-x -x -x -x -x -x -x -x-x -2 -7 -6 -4 -11 -x -9-7 -2 -5 -4 -2 -9 -10 -7-5 -0 -x -x -x -x -8 -x
A Emhell in a bookbag
D Emi hope i don't look bad
A Em D D,C#,Beverything's squared away
A Emhow far did you go?
D Em A Em D A what was the story? everyone says the same thing
D order up is here
F#so glad you're leaving
Cyou sped here and you'll
Aspeed away!
DI woke in the morning
F#and i told her i loved her
E Dhello blackbird
E D Agoodye, bye-bye
A,Em,D,Em,A,Em,D... D,C#,B
A Emclass is in recess
D Emi wonder what she says
A Em D D,C#,Bi'll sneak away when she looks away
A Emhow far will i go?
D Emand what was the story?
A Em D Aeveryone feels the same way!
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