Michel Pagliaro - Lovin You Aint Easy tab

1971... Pagliaros best year I'd say... the clamshell tailgate was introduced in GM
wagons this year... trying to top Ford's innovative desgins... and Michel Pagliaro
came out with a crazy song that went something like this....

Hitch any ride you want to
Do anything you wanna do
Just keep ridin' your way

Take anyone you want to
Long as I can hear from you
F                     C
Just be mine in your way

Bb   F               C
Just be mine in your way
Just be mine in your way

Lovin' you ain t so easy
Would never try to please me
F                         C
But I've got time any old way
Bb       F      C
I've got time anyway

But you know what you won't you do it
C           Am                     Dm            F
And nobody, nobody knows, but it's you, oh, wo, wo, oh
Oh baby why do I
Bb     F         C
Keep a talkin to you
Keep a talkin to-you
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