Mick Flannery - Goodbye chords

			     Goodbye - Mick Flannery
Tabbed by: Adrian Cash
Email: adriancash1@yahoo.co.uk

Tuning: Standard

I learned this by ear today and Ive found that when Im picking at it 
along to the song that it sounds better without using the high e string. 
So because of this the chords I use are as follows. Hope this is useful: 
G:    32003x
D:    xx023x
D/F#: 2x023x
Em:   02200x
C:    x3201x


G D G G D/F#I lay in your arms
Em C D GIn the room where you had borne the scars.
G D G G D/F#It was late at night,
Em C D GAnd the city lay asleep outside.
G D/F# CAnd the moon was in your hair,
G D/F# C And it all was so unfair,
G D/F# C G D/F# Cor was it, d...e....ar?
G D G G D/F#I said Im leaving soon.
Em C D GI must go and do what I must do
G D G G D/F#You said you'd understand.
Em C D GBut I really dont see how you can.
G D/F# CWhen I said Id make the time
G D/F# C And tomorrow Id call by,
G D/F# C G D/F# Cthat was a lie.
G D G G D/F#Im no ladies man,
Em C D GAnd I never will be one of them.
G D G G D/F#I didnt steal from you.
Em C D GAnd what happened here was nothing new.
G D/F# CNot to make it all sound vain,
G D/F# C G D/F# C G D/F# CYou lay the man, you lay his name, but lay no claim.
G D G G D/F#I cant explain no more.
Em C D GAh girl, come on, you knew before,
G D G G D/F#Before you took me home.
Em C D G I can only work if Im alone.
G D/F# CAnd when I said goodnight tonight,
G D/F# C When I said goodnight tonight,
G D/F# C G D/F# Cthat meant goodbye.
Any questions comments or alterations please email me.
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