Mick Flannery – Live In Hope chords

D A D AI walk the streets alone here, I go with head hung down
F#m G Bm F#mThe heavens laugh so hard at me that I cannot bear the sound
D A D AA home to every lonely, an ear to every cry
F#m G Bm F#mAn eye to every suffering and lost to reasons why
D AAnd of all the awful things I’ve heard
Bm F#mThe worst must be those terrible words
G AIf I don’t do it, that man will
G A ABe it steal, rape or kill
[Verse 2]
D A D AI strive to be a good man, I know it serves me well
F#m G Bm F#m'Though how and when this start was made, I truly cannot tell
D A D AI’ve loved and I have been loved, I was not always true
F#m G Bm F#mAnd at times I feel to stay alone, Is the honest thing to do
D AStill in all I’ve best conceived
Bm F#mThat I did fall in fleshy need
G AAnd taking water laced with sin
G A ASeen what love is up against
[Interlude] D A D A F#m G Bm F#m [Verse 3]
D A D AMy mind is full of worry, and wonder at itself
F#m G Bm F#mI search all day for answers, and nothing ever helps
D A D AI don’t believe the stories of high and holy ghosts
F#m G Bm F#mAnd if anything should matter, then what should matter most?
D ATo the thought I will abide
Bm F#mThat hate is foolish, love is wise
G AWords the old man softly spoke
G A ALeft the world to live in hope
[outro] D A D A F#m G Bm F#m D A D
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