Mick Flannery – Ships In The Night tab

This is a lovely new song from the Cork man Mick Flannery on his latest album.

This whole song is finger-picked so i'll tab out the patterns as it changes quiet a bit 
for each different
part of the song, i'll put the corresponding chords under each tab and with the lyrics 
too so you will know
where to play which part of the tab during the song.

The Intro is the same as the Verse and during this part he does a slide, he slides up
and then down, I will use / to indicate him sliding up and \ do indicate when he slides 
back down.


e|----------------------0----------------------0--------------------------|B|----------0--1/3----1------------0--1/3----1----------------------------|G|--------1----2/4-4\------------1----2/4-4\------------------------------|D|------2----------------------2------------------------------------------|A|----2----------------------2--------------------------------------------|E|--0----------------------0----------------------------------------------| E E
e|-----------------0---0---0---0------------------------------------------|B|----------0--1/3---5---1---0---------0-----0----------------------------|G|--------1----2/4---5---2---0-------2---2-----0--------------------------|D|------2--------------------------1-------1------------------------------|A|----2--------------------------2----------------------------------------|E|--0---------------------------------------------------------------------| E
The next part I will tab is the part he plays when he sings 'The day hasn't come yet' and he plays it again for the link before the last chorus of the song. He plays this part three times and for the link before the last chorus he plays it four times Pre-Chorus/Link:
e|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------1-----1-----------0-----0----------------------------------------|G|---------0-----0-----------2-----2--------------------------------------|D|----2------2-----2----1------1-----1------------------------------------|A|--3-----------------2---------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| C B7 (x3 1st 2 times) (x4 last time for link)
The next part of the tab I will do is the pattern that he plays for the three Chorus's. Chorus:
e|--------------------------2-------2-------2-------3---------------------|B|---------3--------3-----3-------3-------3-------3-----------------------|G|-------0--------0-----2-------2-------2-------2-------------------------|D|-----0--------0-----0-------0-------0-------0---------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--3--------3------------------------------------------------------------| G D
e|---------------------------------------------2-------2-------2----------|B|---------3--------0--------3--------3------3-------3-------3------------|G|-------0--------0--------0--------0------2-------2-------2--------------|D|-----0--------0--------0--------0------0-------0-------0----------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--3--------3--------3--------3------------------------------------------| G D
e|--------3------------------------------------------2-------3------------|B|------3----------3----------------1-------1------3-------3--------------|G|----2----------0------0---0-----0-------0------2-------2----------------|D|--0----------0----------------2-------2------0-------0------------------|A|----------------------------3-------3-----------------------------------|E|----------3---------3---2-----------------------------------------------| D G F# C D
e|--------------------------------0----------------0----------------0-----|B|---------3--------0-------0----------------1----------------3-------3---|G|-------0--------0-----------0-----0----------2-----2------2---2-------0-|D|-----0--------0--------2------2-----2----2-----2-----2--0-------0-------|A|---------------------------------------0--------------------------------|E|--3--------2--------0---------------------------------------------------| G F# Em Am D
That's all of the tabbing done now so i'll write out the song itself. Intro Verse E E I am a sailor, I am a sailor, E An' I've been on my hunt for treasure, E E When I find it, when I find it, E I will leave all else behind it. Pre-Chorus C B7 C But the day hasn't come yet, B7 C the day hasn't come yet, B7 The day hasn't come. Chorus G D They say the way your life is made, G Is only stars aligning, D On you go the seas'd roll, G F# Lonely souls a-pining. C D G F# Em The great unknown you live and hope the one that fits you right, Am D Won't pass you by. Verse I wanna see you, I wanna see you, Though I have no idea what i'll do. I wanna feel it, I wanna feel it, I wanna feel that very moment. Pre-Chorus But the day hasn't come yet, The day hasn't come yet, The day hasn't come. Chorus They say the way your life is made, Is only stars aligning, On you go the seas'd roll, Lonely souls a-pining. Will we be those who meet and know a love on it's sight, Or two ships in the night? Link (play the Pre-Chorus chords here) Chorus They say the way your life is made, Is only stars aligning, On you go the seas'd roll, Lonely souls a-pining. Will we be those who meet and know a love on it's sight, Or two ships in the night? Finish on G That's it now, lovely song so have fun playing it! You can find the official video for this song at this link on YouTube: http://youtu.be/L0eyhIGFFfU I think this tab is about 95% accurate so if you have any suggestions or comments be sure to leave one and please rate it as well. I would like to dedicate this tab to my wonderful girlfriend Mikayla who I would be lost without and that I love very much! She's my Ship in the Night ;-) <3 (núnú) Anyways thanks for viewing this tab and I hope you like it. colinthelips 11/06/2012
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