Microphones – The Glow Part 2 tab

The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2

Tabbed by Jack Jutson

The intro is a bit strange, i think there are 2 guitars playing it. But heres the
basic chords to get you going. Just power chords F-C-C#. You work out the timing
for yourself, its pretty simple.

F C C#E|---x----------x-----------x-----B|---x----------x-----------x-----D|---2----------5-----------6-----G|---3----------5-----------6-----A|---3----------3-----------4-----F|---1----------x-----------x-----
Once the distorted intro is through, Phils acoustic comes in and plays the following three chords.
Em Em11(7) A7 (sus2)e|--0-------x--------x---|B|--0-------x--------x---|G|--0-------0--------2---|D|--2-------4--------5---|A|--2-------0--------0---|E|--0-------2--------3---|
Em Em11 A7 Em Em11 A7 i took my shirt off in the yard/no one saw that the skin on my shoulder was golden Em Em11 A7 now it's not, my shirts back on/i forgot my songs/the glow is gone Em11 Em Em11 A7 my gliding body stopped (Here, the guitar stops playing, but you can still strum the chords, or play it however you want. Or you can get a big organ and do it that way. Up to you.) Em Em11 A7 i could not get through september without a battle Em11 Em Em11 A7 i face death, i went in with my arms swinging Em Em11 A7 but i heard my own breath, and i had to face that i'm still living Em Em11 A7 i'm still flesh, i hold onto awful feelings Em Em11 A7 i'm not dead, there's no end, my face is red (And this bit here where phil does the really long notes is just crazy ambient organs that dont fit into the guitar. Im sure there is a way, but not in my head, so someone else come up with something.) my blood flows harshly/my heart beats loudly my chest still draws breath, i hold it, i'm buoyant there's no end. (heres the intrumental part at the end. Its only the really basic form, he mucks around a bit, and has another guitar and a bass i do believe. This should just get you going.)
This next part repeats until the end of the song.
Ok thats that, now can someone tab Solar System? Well the microphones is one guy called Phil Elvrum from Washington DC. Here is the official site, a review of one of The Microphones albums and a fan site. http://www.kpunk.com/Microphones/index.html http://pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/m/microphones/glow-pt-2.shtml http://microphones.fateback.com/news.html
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