Middle Brother - Thanks For Nothing chords

Middle Brother - Thanks For Nothing

Capo 2nd fret

Intro: ()only the first time

G Em C G Em Ce|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|--1--0-----------------------------------------------------|G|--------2-0-------------------------------------5-)--------|D|-------------4--2--0-----------------2s4-5---7-------------|A|----------------------3--2----(0p2p3-----------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
G Em C G Em CI got of the plain ok , now I have a city to myself
G Em the strangers in the coffe shops the sidewalks
C G Em Cand the way the evening smells
D Gbut none oft it distratcs me in the ways that i have planned
D Cor brings me back my smile like i was hoping
D Gnow there's a distance between me and the world that's offering it's hand
Am D7 Gand I have you to thank for that, thanks for nothing
it's probably raining of in london if its snowing here in nashville tenesse but I hope he's taking care of you and showing you your where you need to be but I don't want you to leave once he gives himself away the way your match looks after its done glowing you don't know how it feels to think you'll never be the same and i have you to thank for that thanks for nothing now the only girls i meet all look for hearts that they can fix but mine is more like a kid that has gone missing and there's a pretty girl in front of me that I know I won't let in and I have you to thank for that thanks for nothing and I have you to thank for that thanks for nothing http://www.middlebrother.com/
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