Midnight Oil – River Runs Red tab

Intro and Verse:

The solos in the Intro:
and these four chords strummed fast:
Em F G B7 Eme|--7---8---10---7--------0-|B|--8---10--12---7--------0-|G|--9---10--12---8--------0-|D|--9---10--12---7--------2-|A|--7---8---10---9--------2-|E|--0---8---10---7--------0-|
Verse: Em A F C So you cut all the tall trees down G D B7 You poisoned the sky and the sea Em A F C You've taken what's good from the ground G D B7 But you left precious little for me Em A F C You remember the flood and the fall G D B7 We remember the light on the hill Em A F C There should be enough for us all G D G D But the dollar is driving us still Chorus: Am The river runs red, black rain falls G Dust in my hand F G River runs red, black rain falls D On my bleeding land Em A F C So we came and conquered and found G D B7 Riches of commons and kings Em A F C Who strangled and wrestled the ground G D B7 But they never put back anything Em A F C Now I'm trapped like a dog in a cage G D B7 Whereever the truth is pursued Em A F C It must be the curse of the age G D G D What's taken is never renewed The last Chorus goes: Am The river runs red, black rain falls G Dust in my hand F G River runs red, black rain falls F C G D On my bleeding land F C G D F C G D F C G D F C G D land.... land land.... land Original Tableture by Kai.
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