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Subject: Midnight Oil
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King Of The Mountain - Midnight Oil


Verse: E A E D Walking through the high dry grass D E A D A Pushing my way though slow E A E D Yellow belly black snake sleeping on a red rock E A D A waiting for the stranger to go E A E D Sugar train stops at the crossing D E A D A Cane cockies cursing below A E A E D E A D A Bad storm coming. Better run to the top of the mountain Chorus: E A F#m D A Mountain in the shadow of light E A F#m D A E A F#m D A Rain In the valley below mountain in the shadow of light E A F#m D E A F#m D A Rain well you can Say you're Peter say you're Paul E A F#m D A Don't put me up on your bedroom wall E A F#m D A E A E D E A D A Call me King of the mountain Verse: E A E D Blacksmith fires up the bellows D E A D A Cane cutters burning to load E A E D E A D A Workers of the world run to the top of the mountain Chorus: Bridge: C#m E I can't take the hands from my face F#sus F# F#m D7 There are some things we can't replace Chorus: Verse: Over liquid tarmac wastelands of cactus and heat E A F#m D A Down cobble stone alleyways of washing sheets A E A F#m D A Up ghost prairie mountains of sunset and space E A F#m D A Down the road a familliar face E A F#m D A Across the wilderness Out further than the bush E A I will follow you F#m D A E A I will follow you F#m D A E A F#m D A I will follow you
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