Midnight Oil – Bullroarer tab

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Bullroarer  by Midnight Oil
from the album "Diesel and Dust"

INTRO and VERSE chord sequence:

B      C#m D   A    Em     C G   D


A       B  C#m    (with E at the very end)


in the desert in the dry
before the breaking of the rain
the temperature in the shade

                Em            C  G   D
had reached a hundred and ten again

in the desert in the dry
on the overland telegraph line
don't take the law into your own hands

          Em                 C G   D
don't go looking for a fight

A              A
nah nah nah nah,

B                     C#m              E
  I've heard the bullroarers

[intro chords]

in the desert, in the dry
some sit so high
long day's mile and the
                        Em                  C G   D
radio crackles and the bones bleached white

it's a knock-em-down storm
see the tin roof shake
wild dog howls and the long grass
                 Em              C G   D
whistles and the tall trees break

A              A
nah nah nah nah,

B                    C#m              E
  I've seen the wild horses

I've heard the bullroarers

B                    C#m              E
  I've seen the wild horses

[Intro chords]  x4


p.s.  I play the B chord throughout the verse, muted with my right hand.

p.p.s. there's a little solo-thing in a couple of the verses... here it is:

and at the end:
e-|----------------------------------------------|B-|----------------------------------------------|G-|----------------------------------------------|D-|----------------------------------------------|A-|--4--0-----4-0----2----4-5-4-0----2----232----|E-|--------2-----202-------------202-------------| etc...
Jonathan Hart Oils@total.net
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