Midnight Oil – Sell My Soul tab

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Sell my Soul  by Midnight Oil
from the album "Diesel and Dust"

This is the way I play it on acousitic guitar. It is somewhat simplified.

INTRO rhythm (chords):

D  F#m Bm D9

INTRO lead:

D chord, hammer on/off with the third finger, i.e.:

e-|-2-2-2-2---2-2-2----|B-|-3-3-2-3---3-2-3----| etc.. and end with D9G-|-2-2-2-2---2-2-2----|D-|-0-0-0-0---0-0-0----|A-|--------------------|E-|--------------------|
VERSE lead:
e-|-------------------|B-|--1-1-0-1---1-0-1--|G-|--2-2-0-2---2-0-2--| etc..D-|--2-2-0-2---2-0-2--|A-|--0-0-0-0---0-0-0--|E-|-------------------|
VERSE rhythm: Am G Am Am G Am CHORUS lead:
CHORUS rhythm: F Am C G Am G Am BRIDGE: Em F#m D A Bm G G LYRICS: let's begin, I am ready let's begin F Am C G Am sell my soul to him Am shed my skin, I just wanna shed my skin F Am C G I don't wanna sell my soul to him Am G Am Am G Am mechanize, city bursts and farmers die F Am C G they cry, sell my soul to him Am G Am Am G Am sleep face down in a goods train heading south in the rain F Am C G sell my soul to him Em F#m D A Bm G in this world I often think you'd understand me Em F#m D A Bm G in these words I often think you'd recognize me D F#m 'cause I just wanna swim with the fish in the sea Bm D9 and I want faith to heal so that I can be clean [solo] [insert Peter's rant here] Am I just wanna celebrate F Am C G Am I'm not going to sell my soul to him when you look right in F Am C G Am sell my soul to him you're gonna come on done F Am C G Am sell my soul to him F Am C G Am sell my soul to him End. Jonathan Hart Oils@total.net
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