Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get tab

this is a really cool song. i was too lazy to do the strumming patterns but its
just basic punk ska all the way through so you dont really need it.


Intro/Bridge, try to put some mutes inbetween

E B E B A E E B1-44-77-44-22-55-44-44-77---------|2-55-77-55-44-55-55-55-77---------|3-44-88-44-44-66-44-44-88---------|4-66-99-66-44-77-66-66-99---------|5---------------------------------|6---------------------------------|
Verse/Outro, Ska upstrokes
E B E A1-44-77-44-55----------|2-55-77-55-55----------|3-44-88-44-66----------|4-66-99-66-77----------|5----------------------|6----------------------|
Pre Chorus
Chorus hit each chord 16x
thats all. for questions, e-mail me at horny_devil183@hotmail.com
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