Mighty Zep - Ten Years Gone tab

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From: tndrfoot@xmission.com (etan zoc)
Subject: ****TAB/CRD  TEN YEARS GONE (the mighty zep) ****

well here it is as promised I know a full tab would be preferred but
there are 5 simultanious guitar tracks on the album plus a sitar,bass
and drums and a full tab transcription would take five hours and be
about 50 k.So here is
the song in CRD/TAB basically for one guitar (how many of you have five
guitars in your band anywhay) the tab is NOT IN TIME.The chords simply
apppear in order.some chords play once others strum for two bars.And as
always lyrics appear at the end.Hold on tight and have fun!!

first of all its in drop D tuning D A D G B E -1 . . . . . INTRO 4 X> ------------------0------------------|> ---2---0-----0----3--------3---------|> ---2------2-------2------2---2-------|> ---2--------------3----3-------3-----|> ---0--------------0--0---------------|> -------------------------------------|
and then each chord twice
repeat as nessicary--------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|-----2--4--2---4--4--4--6--2----2--4--2---2--2--2--4--2-|-----2-----2---5--5--5-----4----4-----4---3--3--3-----2-|--0---------------------------0-------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|
back to intro for vocals
then the first solo (just the rythym chords in order of appearance)-----------------------0--0--2--2-------------------|--5--7-----5--3--5--3--5--3--2--2--5--7--5--7--5--3-|--4--6--4--5--4--5--4--4--4--2--2--4--6--4--6--5--4-|--5--7--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--4--0--5--7--5--7--5--5-|--------------------5-------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------|
youll never really need someone ETC.-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|--------------------0----------------|---s----------------0----------------|--5--7--9--7--5--0--2----------------|--5--7--9--7--5--0--4----------------|
and the second solo-----0--5--0--0--4---0--7--0---------|--9--7--7--7--0--5--10--7--0---------|--9--6--6--7--0--6--11--7--0---------|--7--7--7--5--2--6--12--5------------|-----5-----5--3--0------5--3---------|-----------5------------5------------|
and here are the lyrics TEN YEARS GONE think as it was then again it will be though the course may change sometimes rivers always reach the sea blind skies of fourtune each has several ways on the wings of maybey downing birds of prey kinda makes me feel sometimes I didnt have to grow for as the eagle leaves a nest I got so far to go changes fill my time baby thats allright with me in the midst I think of you and how it used to be youll never really need somebody and really need em bad did you ever really want somebody the best stuff you ever had will you ever remember me baby and did it feel so good cause it was just the first time and you knew you would do the eyes not sparkel senses go again tasting love along the way see a feather spring gonna make you a meal sometime itll help you know we are eagles all one loves the message in our soul fixin in my dreams with great surprise to me I never thought id see your face the way it used to be oh darlin oh darlin ENJOY ETAN ZOC tndrfoot@xmission.com (P.S. this is from the official source so you can feel confident in its accuracy on lyrics etc. and if you run into a snag just E-MAIL away and ill fix you right up)
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