All I Want Is You tab with lyrics by Miguel - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Miguel – All I Want Is You tab

Cover by Jay Jay (Omari1408)
Two guitars one playing like a bass rhythm and other a little funk sounding chord. 
simple and easy melody my 1st Tab in which can be played with or without a capo. If using a 
use it on the 6th fret.
(r)-Let ring
4 measures seperated by "|"

W/o CapoGuitar 1 PLays through entire song 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |e------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------|D------------------8r----6-10r-|-----------|A---------8r----8----|--9---------------8--|rE--6--8-9--|-6-9-----|6--------|-6--8-9----|
Guitar 2 play after third measure of guitar 1e--6-5-6---|B--6-5-6---|G--6-5-6---|D----------|A----------|E----------|
Guitar 2 play after fourth measure of guitar 1e----6---|B----6---|G----6---|D----6---|A--------|E--------|
With Capo fret 6Guitar 1e-------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------|D--------|-----2r|---0-4r|------------------|A------2r|----2--|--3----|------2r----------|E-0-2-3--|-0-3---|-0-----|-0-2-3------------|
Guitar 2 after third measuree-------|B-5-4-5-|G-5-4-5-|D-5-4-5-|A-------|E-------|
Guitar 2 after fourth measuree--0--B--0--G--0--D--0--A--0--E--0--
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