Pussy Is Mine chords with lyrics by Miguel - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Miguel – Pussy Is Mine chords

May 15, 2011
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Artist: Miguel
Song: Pussy Is Mine

Tuning: Standard
Chords used: G - A - F#m - G  

The chords are pretty repetitive throughout the whole song.. Enjoy!

Tell me that that pussy is mine
Keep it 100 babe
We both know i'm not the only one
When i'm there you treat a nigga real good
And that's probably why i always come yeah...
So lie to me lie to me lie to me so sweet
Cause i dont ever want to imagine
All the other niggas like me ever had a chance to get in your pants
So tell me that that pussy is mine yeah
Tell me tell me baby that its all mine
Tell me that that pussy is mine ooh cause i dont wanna believe that anyone is just like me yeahhh
Like me yeahh..oooh yeah

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