Mika – Intoxicated chords

Hi guys :)

At the moment, this is my favourite Mika song. It brought me to tears. Check out 
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9o6gG_E1Uo 
I looked for tabs, but I couldn't find any. So I decided to take an hour or two 
and use my dad's piano :P
After that, I tried my guitar. It sounds amazing, even with my limited skills... xD

I think the best sound comes from plucking the strings, not strumming, that also 
comes closest to the original way Mika played it on the piano. 
But making a tab was too much work for my lazy butt xD Just listen to the song and 
you'll manage just fine.
Have fun with it, you guys, and remember: Love, love, Mika!

Mika - Intoxicated
Chords used: Gm Dm A# F A7 (wherever I put 'A7/E' I mean A7 with an E for the bass note. So instead of omitting the E-string like you normally do, play all
of the strings. Of course: never stop listening and if you hear something you think is not right, then don't play that note. Again: this is plucking strings, you can always skip a atring if the note sounds off ;)) I'm not sure that Mika plays the A7/E thing, but it seemed the most logical option to me. Intro: Dm A# F A7 Dm A# F
A7 DmYou’re totally depressing,
A# FYou treat me like a fool,
A7 DmAm I caught up in the reasons,
A# FFor the stupid things you do?
A7 Dm A# FYou're so intoxicating, there's nothing I can say,
A7 DmAnd I feel as if I'm bleeding,
A# F A7/EFrom a thousand miles away
Dm A# F Gm Dm A# C F A7/EAnd all the stars are fading, so are mine
Dm A# F C Dm A# F And all the tears - breaking, so must I
A7/E DmYou’re totally depressing,
(Repeat verse, repeat chorus, repeat verse; all the same chords as given above) Final line:
A7 DmAnd I feel as if I'm bleeding,
A# F Gm (A7/E) DmFrom a thousand miles away
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