Mika – Lady Jane chords

This is a most beautiful, totally Mika-style weird song. It tells the sad 
story of a river goddess and it captured my heart the minute I heard it. 
Now I'm really happy I can play it myself.

Intro: F  F7  F  F7  Bb  Gm  C

F F7Lady Jane, the river saint, special, yes, but lucky ain't
Gm C F DmLady Jane said she walked on water but she never had a man to show
Gm C F Dm Then, one day, she found a fellow, she was eager just to let him know
Gm C A DmLady Jane, she walked on water, followed by her brand new lover
Bb C FWho tumbled along, drowning down below
F Bb F Bb
F F7Lady Jane did not abort, for legends are never made that short
Gm CNow be sure when you listen to this
FHere's another reason why you shouldn't eat fish
Gm CConvinced he'd become a creature of the sea
A DmShe cut off her feet and jumped into the deep
Bb C FAnd never stopped looking for her lover below
F Bb F Bb
F F7Lady Jane, the river fish, became the world's most wanted dish
Gm CAnd though no man would dare to catch
F DmSomething whose beauty we could never match
Gm CBut when some emperor from a far away state
A DmSaid "I order you to get that fish's head on my plate!"
Bb C FThey killed little lady Jane
F Bb F Bb
F F7You emperor of a distant land, the only man who didn't understand
Gm CThat though you think you've got your prize
F DmThere's another fish that has escaped your eyes
Gm CLady Jane, her lover's there
A DSwimming through the ocean with a desperate stare
Bb Cm F ALooking for lady Jane
Bb C F Bb F Bb F Bb FLooking for lady Jane
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