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Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:33:38 -0800
From: cdarde@dwp.ci.la.ca.us

Another Cup Of Coffee
By Mike and the Mechanics

Capo 1

Intro:   Am     Em--Em/D       G         Dm--F


         Am        Em--Em/D        G        Dm--F
                                                                    as  she

 Am                           G            F       Am
pours herself  an-other cup of  coffee.........as  she

Am                               G              F                 Am
contemplates  the   stain   across   the   wall.....  and   it's

Am                          G                 F              Am
In  between  the  cleaning  and the  washing.....  it's when

F                             C                   G            Am
 looking  backs   the hardest part of  all....    and  she

Am                        G           F            Am
 always  did her best to try and please him.... while he

Am                        G            F                Am
 always did his  best to make  her cry.....   and  she

Am                          G              F                Am
got  down on her knees to stop him leaving.....but he

F                                   C          G              Am
 always knew  one  day he'd  say    goodbye...


F                           C                                          G
where are your friends where are your children

F                       C                                   G
is  this  your   house is  this  your  home..........

F                          C                        G
 does  nothing ever  last  for-ever........

F                      C                            G
 does  everybody.....sleep a-lone...........

Repeat  Verse & Chorus  to   Outro

Note:        Outro is    Am         Em          G       Dm

2nd verse
and he tears the business tags from his old suitcase
as he packs away the pieces of his life
they all love him but they always  try to change him
thats what happens when a girl becomes a wife
and she pours herself another cup of coffee
as the pictures leave a clean spot on the wall
and it's in between the leaving and the loving
that's when looking backs the hardest part of all........

Good luck to all..
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