Mike And The Mechanics - Another Cup Of Coffee chords

Not sure on the intro so play around and see what u think. This is my first tab so 
constructive criticism please haha.


I think the chord at the end of most verses is Am7 if not its (002010)and is played for 2 bars

Am G Am7And she pours herself another cup of coffee
Am G Am7As she contemplates the stain across the wall
Am G Am7and it's in between the cleaning and the washing
FThat's when looking back's
C AmThe hardest part of all
(repeat for second verse) And she always did her best to try and please him While he always did his best to make her cry And she got down on her knees to stop him leaving But he always knew one day he'd say goodbye
F C Where are your friends
GWhere are your children
F C Is this your house
GIs this your home
F C G Does nothing ever last forever
F C G Does everybody sleep alone
(Repeat chords for verse) And he tears the business tags from his old suitcase As he packs away the pieces of his life They all love him but they always try to change him That's what happens when a girl becomes a wife And she pours herself another cup of coffee As the pictures leave a clean space on the wall and it's in between the leaving and the loving That's when looking back's The hardest part of all (repeat Chorus chords) Where are your friends Where are your children Is this your house Is this your home Does nothing ever last forever Does everybody sleep alone Don't look back Don't give up Pour yourself another cup Like i say first tab and chorus doesnt sound right but best i could do.
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