Mike Harvie - Be Glorified chords

This is an awesome worship song. We Play is at church if you want to here it go to 
. Anyway this is my first ever tab so rate me good plz :)

Be Glorified
Mike Harvie

C      Em     Am     F x 2

Verse 1
CAt your name I see the enemy
AmI see the lonely finding home
Fin your arms
CAt your name I know the
Emheartache is over
AmI know the rest that I seek is
Fat the cross
Intro Pre-Chorus
GWe’ll see sight for the blind eyes
Amand hope for the broken lives
Fand breath in the lungs of the
EmWe’ll see sight for the blind
Ameyes and hope for the broken lives,
F GAs we stand in Your name
Am F GJesus, be glorified in the earth
C/E AmBe glorified in the earth
F GJesus your name be glorified
Verse 2
CAt your voice I know the weak
EmAre made strong now
AmI know my hope is restored
FWhen you speak
CAt your voice I know my
EmChains are now broken
FI know my saviour has
GConquered the grave.
Chorus x2 Instrumental F G Em Am Bridge x 4
FYou conquered the grave,
GNow my debt is erased,
EmYou rule, You Reign,
AmForever, Forever
F GForever
Chorus x 2 End on G
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