Mike Ness – Six More Miles chords

Six More Miles

Performed by Mike Ness

Mike tunes down to E flat and puts a capo on the second fret for almost every song he 
I do not know why. To copy him I simply tune standard and use a capo on the 1st fret.

GOh the rain... Is slowly fallin'
C GAnd my heart is so sore
C GSix more miles and leave my darlin'
D GNever on this earth to meet no more
G C GSix more miles to the graveyard
DSix more miles, long and sad
G C GSix more miles and leave my darlin
C GLeave the best friend, I ever had
GOh I hear that train ah-comin'
C GBringin' my darlin' back home
C GSix more miles, to the graveyard
D GAnd I'll be left here all alone
Chorus Repeats
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