Mike Posner – Deja Vu chords

Basically the same chord progression throughout the whole song.
F  133211 
G  320003
Am 002210

FLet's go back, I know it's been a minute
GBut I can do it better than I did when I did it
AmYou were loving me, I was loving you
G FYou can come over and we can have deja vu
GOoh ooh ooh
AmWe could have deja vu
GOoh ooh ooh
You could come over and Verse 1:
F GI'm probably gonna compliment your hair do
Am GRight before we mess that shit all up
F GI used to keep you out way past your curfew
Am GLook at me now, I'm all grown up
F GShe was reminiscing in her mind
AmI'm just trying to make up for lost time
But don't be acting nervous
GCause we've been here before
(Chorus) Verse 2: (Same chord progression) I'm probably gonna compliment your outfit (Your outfit) Right before you take that shit all off (Take that shit all off) Member we would sneak out of our houses? (Our houses) Look at us now, we're all grown up (Yeah baby, look at us now, we're grown up) She was reminiscing in her mind I'm just trying to make up for lost time But we acting nervous Cause we've been here before (Chorus) Bridge: (Same chord progression) Nothing much has changed You still feel the same Don't pretend like you don't Want to like I do I know you think about What it would feel like now Come over, let's make a new memory (Chorus)
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