Mike Scala – Falling tab

			     Fallin - Mike Scala
Tabbed by: Daniel Gurialdi
Email: danielguri24@gmail.com

Tabbed this song out by ear. I think I have it right. There are no tabs out for any of
Mike's songs. One of the best Indie artists I've ever heard. This one is off the second
album Autumn Ashes. Took me a while to figure out I think this is right please email me 
with any suggestions!!

Tuning: Standard
Capo on 3rd Fret

Listen to the song for the rhythm. For the first part of the song there is a syncopated stop Chorus
Chorus is a bit tricky but listen for the changes Bridge (x2)
He does a couple of different jazz chords here and uses a combination of fingerpicking. This part I simplified because I couldn't figure them out.
He does this part in halftime and syncopates the last change in chords with the lyrics. Lyrics Verse So give me one good reason why I should be here, You’ve walked in and out of my life, since the moment, that I met you Chorus And I’m fallin’ faster into you, like time And I’m fallin’ faster into you, like black glass painted white.. Verse 2 Now you show up at my door saying I’m here, and everything is fine But you’ve been gone too far too long, and I’ve moved on with my life Chorus Bridge So hear me, as I write these words you’re in and out of nowhere and its time for you to find yourself Chorus breakdown I’m fallin’ faster into you His website is www.mikescala.com Check him out!!!
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