Mild High Club – Head Out chords

Ammaj7   Am
E7       Am

[Verse 1]
Ammaj7 Amlazy eye,
E7 Am looks that could kill when i
Ammaj7 Amsatis- fy,
E7 Am all i can take.
Ammaj7 Amfeeling wry,
E7 Am playin a fool in the
Ammaj7 Am paradise
E7 A i can see
A C strange,
Fmaj7 E7 you dont have to wait.
A C Fmaj7 E7 [Verse 2]
Ammaj7 Amlately i've,
E7 Am looked through the bills for an
Ammaj7 Am ali- bi
E7 Ambut they dont show,
Ammaj7 Am easy guy,
E7 Am maybe you took too much
Ammaj7 Am now you're dry
E7 Cmaj7 and on your own
[Bridge] Cmaj7 Eb7
Ab Abmaj7 welcome to my
Cmaj7 Eb7show.
Ab Abmaj7 if you'd like to
Cmaj7 Eb7know me
Ab Abmaj7well.
Cmaj7 Eb7 Ab Abmaj7 [Sax Solo] Cmmaj7 Cm G7 Cm [Outro (Guitar only, 2x) Cmmaj7 Cm G7 Cm
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