Miley Cyrus – Rockstar tab


Rockstar-Ben Folds
here is another wow song fromm ben folds which hasent been tabbed. any suggestions on 
just ask

tabbed by ange stella
this is the sunny 16 version . i dunno if its the same as the album version but yah. yes 
know some of these chords are weird but i tried my hardest to put it into a guitar 
on piano it would be easier but sorry.

intro-A, E, D, E/D x3 Bm

Verse- A, Amaj7/Ab, F#m7, E, D, 
D, E x2

Pre-chorus- Bm, Bminor-maj7/Bb, D/A, D, E

Chorus- A, E, D, D/E x3 Bm

repeat verse and pre-chorus

Chorus 2- A, E,D, D/E x3 Bm, E x2 Am

Bridge- A, E, D x4

repeat pre-chorus twice

repeat chorus i think it is 8 times but double check by listenign to song.

When the harmony comes in the chords change to
A, Amaj7/Ab, F#m7, D, E x4 or 8. 
to song to find out.

Bm,  E,
"Oh is that what u want"- Am

end on Am.

tabbed by ange stella
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