Miller Steve – Serenade tab


Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 15:29:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: a-g 
Subject: PRO: 'Serenade' (The Steve Miller Band)

The Steve Miller Band
By Steve Miller and Chris McCarty
Transcribed by Shane McNulty 

This song is really pretty easy.. but it's a great one for playing for
(No offense to the women out there)
Shout out to my brotha Jason Bedford for assisting in the matter.  

By: Steve Miller and Chris McCarty 

[Am] [F] [G] [Am] (X2)

Verse 1:

[Am]Did you see the [F]lights 
As [G]they fell all [Am]around you 
Did you hear the [F]music 
Ser[G]enade from the [Am]stars 

[Am]Wake up, wake up[F] 
Wake [G]up and look all around [Am]you 
We're lost in [F]space 
And the [G]time is our [Am]own 


[G]Whoa, w[Am]hoa 
[G]Whoa, w[Am]hoa [F] [G] [Am]

(The chords then follow the pattern listed above.  Just listen for the
in the first verse and you'll be able to pick them up in the second and
verses.  The "whoa" portions are all the same.  Email me if you have any 
changes you'd like to make, or just tell me what a phat song this is.  =)

Verse 2:

Did you feel the wind 
As it blew all around you 
Did you feel the love 
That was in the air 

Wake up, wake up 
Wake up and look around you 
We're lost in space 
And the time is our own 


Whoa, whoa 

Verse 3:

The sun comes up 
And it shines all around you 
You're lost in space 
And the earth is your own 


Whoa, whoa 
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