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From Thu May  8 17:31:36 1997
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 19:05:47
From: B Ankeny 
Subject: Steve Miller Band "The Stake TAB"

Steve Miller Band
The Stake
Tabbed by: Brandon Ankeny

I can only figure out 2 riffs from this song.

Riff 1 - played over and over in the introe-|--------------------------------|B-|--------------------------------|G-|--------------------------------|D-|-----13--13--13--15----13-12----|A-|--15---15--15-------------------|E-|--------------------------------|
Riff 2 - Nobody loves you like the way I doe-|------------------------------|B-|------------------------------|G-|---------13-------------------|D-|----13-15--15--13-------------|A-|--15-------------15-13-15-----|E-|--------------------------13--|
also sounds good at
Can anyone figure out the Solo? Brandon Ankeny
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